I’ve always enjoyed the creative process – it was something I unknowingly pursued when my brother was hogging the Atari or it was a cold and rainy day. One of my first creations was a comic about a blue circus peanut who flew through the galaxy battling his arch nemesis, an evil elephant. I remember how I wanted to be sure every issue of “Blue Peanut” was drawn consistently, even at the age of five.

This creative drive was a quiet motivator, hiding just under the surface, until my 20s when I left everything to tour with my band (with moderate success and some hit singles) for seven years. These years taught me about various forms of creativity, collaboration, and what kind of work was rewarding and life-giving to me. During this season, when we weren’t on tour, I worked with a freelance graphic designer and learned the trade. As many bands do, ours eventually broke up, but the similarities between music, art and graphic design showed me how a career in design work could provide some of the same creative excitement as my music career. I’ve been immersed in creative work like this ever since.

Stipe Creative, launched in spring 2024, is my newest pursuit. After a short-lived music career, followed by a toe-dip in freelance work, and over a decade of agency work, I’m excited to bring the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired over 20 years and share it with you, my community. So, hit me up. Let’s create, together.


It all starts here. The cornerstone of your brand. These are some of my favorites I’ve worked on. Grab a bowl of popcorn and check ‘em out.

*Several logos designed with research and messaging contributions from the Formation PR team.

Click to view my portfolio on Behance. (coming soon)

A captivating logo is like the opening line of your story, but the plot thickens from there. When it comes to telling your tale, we’re not about sticking to the script. From designing flyers that leap off the page to crafting postcards that demand attention, we believe in thinking outside the box. And hey, why stop at visuals? We’re also fluent in the language of audio and video, ensuring your narrative resonates across every medium. Let’s rewrite the rules, and create. Together.

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anything in between.

Hey there, I’m Founder & Lead Designer of Stipe Creative, Derek Stipe. I am based out of Hendersonville, North Carolina. I love seeing my work supporting the community I live in (or “out in the wild”), and my service extends across the globe

In 2024, I launched Stipe Creative as a culmination of over 20 years of honing my craft, driven by a desire for excellence and a deep commitment to delivering impactful visual storytelling while working alongside my community.

My wife Summer is the behind-the-scenes organizational wizard, owns an amazing business called juniper, and my two boys keep me young (sort of) and hip (maybe). I still write music, and I really like bikes. 

Have a project you’d like to discuss? Want to see how Stipe Creative can help your organization’s brand look its best? Need some branded items or printing help? I’d like to help you make it easy. Fill out the form, email, call, or text with the info below. Heck, you can even just hit me up to talk about bikes. I won’t be mad. 

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